Advocacy is a core part of the work trustees do. We need to actively engage with our provincial government in our efforts to ensure the resources and facilities are in place that set students up for success. My top advocacy priorities are:

  • Safe and healthy school environments
  • Adequate, stable and predictable funding
  • New schools in our growing communities
  • Addressing needed changes to the draft curriculum
  • Improving mental health supports for students

Engagement with stakeholders is essential to my decision making. I believe that we are all stakeholders in education and that schools are a place where we come together to raise our children. If re-elected, I will continue to focus on:

  • Building and improving partnerships within the community
  • Promoting consultation on important matters
  • Directly communicating with community members to ensure their voice is heard
  • Providing support and information to empower school councils in their role

Dedication has been the driving force behind the hard work and commitment I have shown in my first term. I have been building on my understanding and experience in order to best represent my community and execute on our shared priorities. I have demonstrated my dedication by:

  • Building experience, having served on nearly all board committees
  • Committing to personal and professional development
  • Taking on leadership roles including Vice Chair of the Board
  • Remaining passionate for good governance

The core principals I bring into this role as well as the experience I have gained over my past term, will enable me to continue to serve this community and ensure our students, parents and staff have the representation and support they deserve.